Efficiently process logs and other organic materials into valuable end products

Vermeer horizontal grinders are built tough and offered in a variety of configurations to suit large land-clearing, municipal waste and composting operations. The grinders feature a variety of feed table length options, a large range in horsepower, a patented duplex drum and Thrown Object Deflectors (TOD) to help reduce the quantity and distance of thrown material.

  • Remote-controlled track-driven grinders provide convenient mobility on your jobsite.
  • The patented duplex drum features reversible hammers and tips that simplify maintenance and nearly double wear life.
  • Variety of screen choices helps you maximize productivity while meeting end-product sizing specifications.

Our horizontal grinder lineup is built to efficiently and effectively process logs and other woody material into a useful end product.


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Equipment model Gross Horsepower (Maximum) Maximum Feed Height
HG4000 515 hp (384 kw) 66 cm (26″)
HG4000TX 440 hp (328.1 kw) 65.4 cm (25.8″)
HG6000 European Configuration Not Applicable Not Applicable
HG6000TX 755 hp (563 kw) Not Applicable
HG6800TX 950 hp (708.4 kw) 127 cm (50″)
HG8000 950 hp (708.4 kw) 190.5 cm (75″)
HG8000TX 950 hp (708.4 kw) 190.5 cm (75″)

Damage Defense System | Vermeer Recycling Equipment

Vermeer Damage Defense system is ideal for any type of tub or horizontal grinder operation that may encounter certain metal contaminants mixed in with their incoming materials. If the mill comes in contact with metal while grinding, Damage Defense system will alert the grinder control and automatically initiate the shutdown process. The system will reduce the likelihood of metal being pulled into the mill by reversing the feed system immediately, helping prevent significant damage to the grinder.

Introducing the Vermeer Damage Defense System for Tub and Horizontal Grinder Operations

To help reduce the likelihood of major machine damage caused by certain metal contaminants entering the hammermill, Vermeer has introduced Damage Defense system – an option now available for tub and horizontal grinders.

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